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About Delta Blues Promotions

The Delta Blues Promotions  is a conduit or avenue to some of the best in  down home Mississippi chitterlins' Blues,soul and rhythm and blues. Here at the Delta Blues  Promotions  you will find news and reviews  about the Blues that you can use.

Our Mission in Blues

The Delta Blues Promotions is here to serve all of your Blues,soul, rhythm and Blues needs. If you are looking for Blues for the weekend,or just a party, the Blues is here. If your needs requires a band or singer for a concert or outdoors festival, then this is the right place to find information about the singers or bands that may fill your need.

Our story

 The Delta Blues Promotions heard the cry in the wilderness that there were no good Blues out there,and we also heard the moans and groans of the musicians that gigs were  hard to find, or not there.The Delta Blues Promotions took a good look around the Mississippi Delta and found that there are  musicians who are laboring in relatively obscurity,and that there are venues looking for musicians to entertain the bluesacholics,so the Delta Blues Promotions decided to try and bring these elements together in one neat package, a clearing house of Blues,soul,rhythm and blues if you will. Now, the Delta Blues is on a mission from the Blues to take these musicians out to the world, or bring the world to them.